Conference Themes

Phase Sensitive Methods with Photons and Electrons

Plenary Speaker: Professor John Rodenburg (University of Sheffield, UK)

Theme will cover:

  • Electron holography, X-ray holography
  • Synchroton
  • Phase imaging (Lorentz, Fresnel, Foucault, Zernike, phase plates)
  • Exit wave reconstruction (through-focus, TIE, etc.)
  • In-line and point-projection holography
  • Holographic tomography
  • Integrated differential phase contrast
  • Ptychography
  • Coherent diffraction
  • Interference microscopy
  • Interferometry
  • Dark field holography

Imaging Quantum Phenomena

Plenary Speaker: Professor Roland Wiesendanger (University of Hamburg, DE)

Theme will cover:

  • Quantum microscope
  • Phonon imaging
  • Plasmon mapping and plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Quantum materials (skyrmions, vortices, strongly correlated, spin-orbit, etc.)
  • Vortex beams
  • Scanning tunneling microscopy and spin-polarized STM

Live and Fast Super-resolution - Frontiers in Imaging of Ultrafast Processes

Plenary Speaker: Professor Claus Ropers (Universität Göttingen, DE)

Theme will cover:

  • Super-resolution STED and Minflux Tracking of Fluorescent Molecules
  • Camera (Direct Electron Detector)
  • Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy and multispot-iSIM (Instant Structured Illumination Microscopy)
  • Single Molecule localization (STORM, dSTORM, PALM, etc.)
  • Dynamics and temporal correlation (FCS, FCCS, RICS)
  • Swept confocally-aligned planar excitation (SCAPE) microscopy for high-speed volumetric imaging of behaving organisms: Resolution is nothing, if your sample moves faster than you can image it. Speed is the challenge.
  • Probe, biosensor
  • Vibrational & Nonlinear Microscopy
  • Multidimensional diffraction imaging
  • Developments in Scanning probe electron diffraction (/TKD/EBSD /Scanning CBED)
  • Ultrafast dynamical TEM studies of processes in materials
  • Detector technology
  • Ultrafast dynamics

Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Analysis, and Computational Microscopy

Plenary Speaker: Professor Moritz Helmstaedter (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, DE)

Theme will cover:

  • Quantitative analysis of microscopy data and microscopy automation
  • Compression, Image Processing, Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning
  • "Processing Big Data": All applications where Image analysis is not the cherry, but the cake. Lightsheet in dev biol, FIB-SEM, SP CryoEM, HTS, HCS, all types of High-content microscopy techniques that yield data that requires community efforts to provide analysis solutions and generate a result
  • Compressed sensing
  • Big data mining
  • Modelling and simulation: how physical processes give rise to the signals (images, spectra, datasets in general) that we acquire and want to process

Cutting Edge Advanced Sample Preparation

Plenary Speaker: Professor Carolyn Larabell (University of California, San Francisco, US)

Theme will cover:

  • Cryo TEM, SPA, Phase plate, Tomography, CLEM
  • X-ray
  • Atom probe tomography
  • Lithography
  • Focused electron beam induced deposition
  • Sample size matters

The Lab in the Microscope - In situ, in vivo, in operando and Multimodal Microscopy

Plenary Speaker: Dr Frances Ross (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US)

Theme will cover:

  • Energy research, batteries, Atomic scale control of energy conversion
  • SPIM/LightSheet
  • Multiphoton/intravital
  • Serial block-face imaging/Focused ion beam
  • Photoacoustic microscopy
  • Brillouin microscopy
  • Dynamical in situ TEM studies of energy conversion processes - In situ dynamical studies of junctions and catalysts
  • SPM - AFM & STM

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