Thank You to Our Donors

As the Royal Microscopical Society was the official professional congress organiser of emc2020, the society is hugely grateful to the many microscopy and imaging companies who gave financial support following the cancellation of emc2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The RMS is a charitable, non-profit organisation, dedicated to furthering the science of microscopy. It engages with the international community through a wide range of activities that support research and education in microscopy, and through enabling microscopists to make advances and developments in microscopy, cytometry and imaging.


3i-Intelligent Imaging Innovations

3i designs and manufactures technologies for living cell, live cell, and intravital fluorescence microscopy including superresolution, computer-generated holography, spinning disk confocal, multi-photon and lightsheet. SlideBook software manages everything from instrument control to image capture, processing and data analysis. Established in 1995, 3i is headquartered in Denver, Colorado (USA) with offices in London, United Kingdom, and Göttingen, Germany.


Blue Scientific provides a handpicked portfolio of market-leading scientific instruments for materials science and microscopy. Choose the right solution for your lab, with independent, expert advice. We offer the highest level of service, with engineers across the Nordic region. Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor for Gatan systems for electron microscopes, Protochips in-situ, Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp O-PTIR, Renishaw Raman and Bruker Nano AFM, Micro-XRF and Micro-CT.


Deben UK Ltd. are a UK based precision engineering company. We specialise in the field of in-situ tensile testing, motion control and specimen cooling for microscopy applications. Our main product groups include: motor control systems, in-situ micro-tensile stages, Peltier heating & cooling stages, detectors for SEMs and electrostatic beam blankers.


DECTRIS develops and manufactures the hybrid pixel detectors to spark scientific breakthroughs around the world. DECTRIS cameras count individual electrons and X-ray photons, with accuracy, speed and sensitivity without compromises. We support researchers everywhere from our offices in Switzerland and the United States.

Delong Instruments

Since 1992, Delong Instruments has been active in R&D of transmission electron microscopes, electron-optic systems, electron guns and other high-tech devices in the field of micro and nanotechnologies. Come and see our compact TEMs LVEM 5 and LVEM 25 and Schottky electron gun DIGUN or use our expertise for a unique OEM solution, customized special components made from the first draft up to the final device.

Digital Surf

Digital Surf has been providing the industrial and scientific community with best-in-class surface imaging and metrology software for over 25 years. Mountains software solutions are available for a wide range of profilers and microscopes, including: 3D confocal and interferometric microscopes/profilers; Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM); Atomic Force Microscopes and other SPM; and Spectrometers, etc.


Fluigent is an international company which develops, manufactures and supports the most advanced microfluidic systems available. Whether your application is with droplets, cell biology, particle studies, or in other research areas, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions to your fluid control needs.

Hamamatsu Photonics

HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS is a world-leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components and systems. We offer an extensive range of scientific imaging technologies featuring superior performance, reliability and high sensitivity. Our camera solutions address the needs of advanced research and for the many diverse applications in microscopy.

Hitachi High-Technologies

At Hitachi High-Technologies we want to HELP YOU develop your microscopy. That could mean learning how to make the very highest-quality TEM lamella with our TripleBeam technique or how to prepare flawless cross-sections with Argon milling. Or it could simply mean working closely with our application specialists to optimize your existing instruments and workflow. Whatever your challenges, be sure to see if Hitachi High-Technologies can help YOU at emc2020.

Kammrath Weiss GmbH

Our experience in converting your application requirements into useful products, covers over 30 years. This gave rise to an entire bouquet of unusual solutions, for our users worldwide. In order to develop suitable solutions, some compromises have to be made. In the quality of the data, however, we are uncompromising. The quality and reliability of our solutions are the key to your success.

Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures.

Widely recognized for optical precision and innovative technology, the company is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning and super-resolution microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopy.


LIGHT CONVERSION designs and manufactures femtosecond lasers and laser systems for biological imaging and electron microscopy. The company is developing femtosecond laser technology for more than 25 years. Product portfolio forms the best-in-class set of devices for femtosecond applications in industry, medicine and fundamental research.

Linkam Scientific Instruments

Linkam develops and manufactures a broad range of temperature and environmental controlled stages from high to cryo temperatures as well as gas, vacuum and humidity control for both OEM and end users. Linkam instruments can be found around the world, working with light microscopes and a range of analytical techniques including Raman, FTIR, WAX/SAX and other X-ray techniques to visualise and characterise the properties of materials.

Logos Biosystems

Logos Biosystems is a biotech company dedicated to developing simple, smart and affordable imaging solutions to help scientists reach their research goals. Our advanced imaging solutions include Digital Imaging systems, High Content Analysis systems as well as awarded Automated Cell Counters and breakthrough solutions for Tissue Clearing and 3D imaging.

Mel-Build Corporation

We are TEM holder and  SEM stage Maker In Japan.
To demands of microscopy users, we would like to contribute to academia with our ideas and Japanese manufacturing. We continue being such company. In EM study, extent application fields, then necessary technologies are also sophisticated.
We improve our technology by our own curiosity and daily efforts, then we continue to respond demands of researchers with unique ideas.

Micro to Nano

Micro to Nano is a European company which designs, manufactures and distributes innovative microscopy accessories and consumables for electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy techniques. Micro to Nano specialises in SEM sample holders, SEM stage adapters, SEM specimen stubs, EM sample preparation consumables, FIB supplies, TEM supplies and calibration standards. We deliver practical, high EM supplies and sample preparation tools against competitive pricing throughout Europe and beyond.

Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec provides products that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our innovative tools support research from basic research to translational research to clinical application. Our 30 years of expertise includes immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer. Miltenyi Biotec has 2,600 employees in 28 countries.


NanoMEGAS specialises in advanced electron diffraction techniques for TEM which include: Phase & Orientation Mapping (ASTAR) down to 1 nm scale, Strain mapping with a sensitivity of 0.02% and 2-3 nm resolution, Diffraction Tomography (ADT-3D) for crystal structure determination of nm sized crystals and Electron Pair Distribution Function (e-PDF) for analysis of amorphous materials. This advanced product range is compatible with most commercial TEMs including modern Cs corrected TEMs.


Established in 2018, NANOVIZZ comprises two components: contract-based consultancy work and a microscopy-inspired online retail store. Consultancy services involve a range of tasks related to microscopic visualisation and other techniques, chief of which is working with academic and industrial partners to accelerate research for commercial product development and marketing. Meanwhile, the NANOVIZZ online store features a range of products, from art prints to homeware and accessories, with designs originating from microscopy images, representing a broad range of techniques and subjects.

NEWTEC Scientific

NewTec Scientific is a company specialized on conception and commercialization of scientific instrumentation, management, processing and has developped several instruments around microscopy:
• MT1000 : Thermomechanical in-situ tensile stage
• FurnaSEM : In-situ furnace up to 1100°C
• Cathodyne : Cathodoluminescence analyser
• CELDI : In-situ observation solid/fluid reactions
• CryoStem : In-situ Cooling/Heating (-150°C to +150°C)

Oxford Instruments

Celebrating 60 years of scientific excellence and innovation, Oxford Instruments is committed to supporting the development of a deeper understanding of the world through Science & Technology. Our innovative key-enabling technologies and expertise empower customers to accelerate their R&D, increase productivity and make new scientific discoveries.


Phasefocus make Livecyte, a live cell high-content system. Using the quantitative phase imaging (QPI) technology Ptychography, Livecyte produces exceptionally high contrast time-lapse videos of even sensitive cells in assay formats up to 96-wells. Automatic single-cell segmentation and tracking can reveal subtle differences in a cell’s phenotypic behaviour enabling new insights in drug response treatments both for individual cells and in statistically relevant population level assays.

PNDetector GmbH

PNDetector has been developing and manufacturing advanced radiation detectors for X-ray fluorescence or microanalysis, materials science and quality assurance since 2007. The sensors are fabricated in PNDetector´s own silicon production and packaging line.
PNDetector´s focus is on standard and advanced detectors for X-ray and electron spectroscopy and imaging, such as p-i-n diodes, pad detectors, Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs) and pnCCD camera systems.

Prior Scientific

For over 100 years, Prior Scientific has been manufacturing precision optical and electro-mechanical equipment and instrumentation. Prior is a leader in the development of precision motion, automation, and optical systems, sub-systems, and components.

Quantum Design GmbH

We are one of the most powerful European distributors of high-tech instrumentation for scientific, academic and industrial research. We offer components and leading edge systems with applications in materials characterization, particle size and thin film analysis, electron microscopy, spectroscopy, photonics and bio- and nanotechnology. We will present:
-EM sample preparation
-Correlative AFM/SEM/FIB analysis
-In-situ TEM
-X-Ray analysis systems
-In-situ stages for SEM and µCT

Quantum Detectors Ltd

Quantum Detectors, founded in 2007, offer direct electron detectors for applications such as 4D STEM, PED, Diffraction and MicroED. Our MerlinEM camera - based on Medipix3 technology and with many installations globally - brings previously unavailable hybrid pixel detector technology to the EM market. 

Quorum Technologies

Specialists in EM Sample Preparation, Quorum is a market and technology leader in coating and cryo-SEM for electron microscopy (EM). With high-performance sample preparation instrumentation installed worldwide, Quorum's solutions enable end-users to achieve continuously high-quality images – time and time again.

Raith GmbH

RAITH is a world leading manufacturer of nanofabrication instrumentation with over 35 years of experience and an international service and support structure. RAITH offers large-area SEM-image acquisitions with high throughput and reverse engineering functionalities as well as fully automated metrology workflows. RAITH is known for the best solutions for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam nanofabrication (with or without Ga), and nanoengineering.

Scientific Instruments & Applications

SiriusXT Ltd

SiriusXT is bringing Soft X-ray Microscopy(SXM) to the Lab with its SXT-100!
SXM is the only way to produce nano-resolution tomograms of the whole internal structure of intact cells. The technique is proven but is restricted to synchrotron-based microscopes – the only means of producing the soft x-ray illumination, required to image through cells. By miniaturising the synchrotron, SiriusXT has built the first lab-scale Soft X-ray Microscope, complementing electron and fluorescence microscopy.

SmarAct GmbH

SmarAct develops high-performance solutions for handling and positioning in the micro- and nanometer range. The broad product portfolio - from single stages to complex parallel kinematics, miniaturized robots, easy-to-use control systems and software - is completed by sophisticated measuring equipment based on powerful laser interferometers. We deliver high-precision research and industrial products for such areas as optics, life sciences, microassembly, semiconductors and microscopy.

Syntek Co., Ltd.

We are manufacturing diamond tools mainly to help industrial or researching market from establishment since 40 years.
Among them, we are especially providing the diamond knife (SYM Knife) with confidence.
By all means, please try it.

Systron EMV GmbH

We protect against magnetic fields. Guaranteed.
Systron EMV GmbH designs, plans and installs magnetic shields, to protect electron microscopes, against electromagnetic stray fields. Such fields are generated by tramways, railways, local electrical sources or magnetic moving objects like cars, trucks or elevators. These fields limit the performance of electron microscopes and therefore need to be reduced. For every task Systron provides the best possible customized shielding solution.

Technoorg Linda

The main activity of Technoorg Linda Co. Ltd. is developing and manufacturing of ion milling instruments for extended use in specimen preparation connected to transmission and scanning electron microscopy. These products are fully compatible with all brands of electron microscopes and cover the entire range of the thinning process from the mechanical sample preparation to ion milling and final-polishing. The applications are suited for many purposes in the fields of material science and biological research like geology, semiconductor and optical industry, multi-layer systems and many others.

Teledyne Photometrics

Founded as Photometrics in 1978, Teledyne Photometrics has been part of the Teledyne Imaging Group since 2018. Teledyne Photometrics designs and manufactures high-performance CMOS, EMCCD and CCD cameras for life science research and are the original architects of the world’s first scientific-grade microscopy EMCCD camera and the first back-illuminated, 95% QE sCMOS camera, the Prime 95B. Teledyne Photometrics also offers comprehensive OEM support. The company is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific supplies innovative solutions for electron microscopy, spectroscopy and microanalysis. Our TEMs, DualBeam™ FIB/SEMs and comprehensive portfolio of SEMs, combined with software suites, take customers from questions to usable data by combining high-resolution imaging with physical, chemical, elemental, mechanical and electrical analysis across scales and modes.

Xnovo Technology

Xnovo Technology specializes in the development of innovative 3D X-ray imaging solutions for engineers and scientists with emphasis on 3D crystallographic imaging tools for applications within engineering, materials sciences & geosciences. Our GrainMapper3D software brings state-of-the-art synchrotron capabilities into a non-destructive and user-friendly laboratory solution supplying high-fidelity grain maps of bulk polycrystalline materials like metals, minerals and ceramics.

YW MEMS (Suzhou) Co Ltd

YW MEMS started CleanSiN brand for our ultra-clean, robust and ultra-flat silicon nitride membranes in 2015. Produced in Class 100 clean room with state-of-the-art MEMS technology, CleanSiN silicon nitride membranes enable researchers to image, characterize and analyze their samples through X-ray, TEM, SEM etc.Our proven superior quality and performance have been acknowledged by world-wide customers in universities, institutes and companies.

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