The Virtual Early Career European Microscopy Congress 2020 had four conference sessions, they were:

  • Life Sciences – from molecules to complex systems: The program will offer an attractive combination of short talks from light microscopy and X-ray to image analysis and deep-learning. Take the opportunity to challenge your brain, create a new network, and maintain existing relations! The sessions will cover the following topics within imaging research: Imaging sub-cellular events at high resolution (super-resolution microscopy, molecular and functional Imaging, deep learning); Label-free imaging; and, Dynamic interactions in cells, organoids, tissue and entire organisms. We hope that you will be able to join us in this Virtual Congress for what is certain to be a very exciting and educational meeting.
  • Physical Sciences Applications: The program covering two full days of impressive talks and poster presentations from early career scientist brings new exciting applications of state-of-the-art microscopy techniques and methodologies within materials science. Structural, electronic, magnetic, and chemical characterization combined with in situ and 3D approaches applied on catalysis materials, semiconductor devices, 2D-materials, energy related materials, bio-minerals, and metals will be presented. Join the virtual presentation series and get inspired, discuss, and network. We are looking forward to ‘see’ you all.
  • Ultrastructural imaging in life sciences: The program comprises short talks and poster presentations from early career scientists.  First part will cover wide variety of TEM, cryo-electron microscopy and correlative microscopy techniques and their applications, and second part focuses on AI tools for acquisition, analysis and interpretation of microscopy data. Everyone is welcome to join us to learn and discuss regardless of the age or length of the career!
  • Physical Sciences Tools & Techniques: Highlighting the most promising instrumentation and methods recently developed by early career scientists to promote microscopy in all forms. Spanning two days of tantalizing talks and poster presentations, this symposium covers a comprehensive variety of topics such as ultrafast microscopy and spectroscopy, coherent imaging and diffraction, hyper-dimensional data acquisition and analysis, in-situ and in-operando environmental microscopy. Join this virtual symposium to get inspired and network. Regardless of age or career stage, all are welcome!

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